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Raymond W. Syufy

CEO of Syufy Enterprises, LP

Professional Experience: Mr. Syufy began working for Century Theatres, Inc. (“Century Theatres”), a regional movie exhibitor, in 1977 and held positions in each of the major departments within Century Theatres. In 1994, Mr. Syufy was named President of Century Theatres and was later appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Century Theatres. Mr. Syufy resigned as an officer and director of Century Theatres upon the consummation of our acquisition of Century Theatres in 2006. Since then Mr. Syufy has presided as Chief Executive Officer of Syufy Enterprises, a retail and real estate holding company with operations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.

Director Qualifications: Mr. Syufy’s experience in managing a successful, family-owned movie theatre business brings to the Board industry insight and operational experience. Mr. Syufy’s background also brings key strategic planning expertise to the Board, particularly with respect to competition from other forms of entertainment.

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